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Online Poker
online poker

In "traditional" online poker all players playing in one game need to be online at the same time.

This can be inconvenient for various reason - for example if the players live in different time zones.

Correspondence Poker
correspondence poker

In correspondence poker the players take turns so the game can be played even if the players were never online at the same time.

All moves the players make get stored on the game server until the other players log in again to make their next moves. Read More...

What is Correspondence Poker?

Correspondence poker is a game of poker that is not being played in real-time like live poker or online poker is. Instead, the pace of the game is similar to email correspondence between friends or pen pals.

Compared to traditional online poker the main difference is that the players are not required to be logged in simultaneously in order to play poker together. More importantly, you would not lose your hands due to a "time out" even if you logged in just once a day and only for as long as it takes for you to select your next actions.
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